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Our company established in 1985 based on table and chair production with the name of Massan Metallic Furniture. Afterwards, Massan has improved itself by following technological innovations and needs of the market, extended the product range according to offers and demands of the market. Especially producing the metal cases, racks and dollies which are needed for the production and logistic phases of automotive sector. Shortly, Massan has proved itself on field of industrial transportation vehicles. As necessity of its own area of expertise, Massan Metallic Furniture has merged the approach of visual quality with product quality. By this means, Massan has produced ergonomically and visually appreciated products on the field of industrial transportation vehicles. In this manner, Massan has proved itself by producing many metal products right along with table and chair production and surpassed its own purpose of establishment. During its 30th year of establishment, Massan continues to its way with experienced and specialized staff, a compromising on quality, productive and broad visioned mentality. Massan?s target customers are the leaders of their own field, also with same vision and keep the quality on front. Our company follows the improving technological trends, researches newest and best ways for perfect production. We proudly serve by merging this approach of ours and the customer pleasure.
Automation is whole which human errors are reduce by people meet on common ground with machines, full control and flexibility solution oriented sharings. Automation provides both speed, time and saving at companies and comfort and safety at humans. As a Digikit Family, our primary target is to deliver solution with projects which use energy resources at a minumum level and adopt environmental conservation consciousness fully by providing automations installations that reduce human power by less than machine power. Our Company noticed time which society speed unnecessarily within today and created solutions completely according to it in opposition to believing that technology isolates people and creates asocial society. As a result, the mistakes that occurred in the companies were at the minimum level so the customer satisfaction was higher. Likewise the time which people speed within today is protected with our automation solutions, the time spent annihilated for machines which we have to use in every phase of our lives. Sense of being safe in communities provides effinciency in daily life as bring with it tranquility. Solutions are to keep safety of life and property at the maximum level with safety systems which we present by creating according to user requests and hasn’t error margin. Our scenarios which we create by handle the whole in automation systems are completely customer focused and installation is maked without any necessity. Only do not think about today, you think about every day; you imagine and we make actual.
With long-term collaborations, our basic motivation is to assist differentiating and increasing the remarkability of products at the sales points in the exact time of need; with the exact quality of product and the exact style of desing which has demanded. Our experiences about stand and exhibition systems are the outcomes of our flexible and superiour manufacturing capability with 26 years until 1993. SPECIAL DESIGNS You can find special desiGN products that we manufactured according to our customer's need and requests with them in the link By using every kind of metal, aluminium, plexy, forex, different versions of plastic, wood and glass, we offer solutions that would be agreeable to our customer's need and desire. At this point our working principle is desinging basicly and dimentioning according to number of products that has planned for exhibition; the number of observable products; sizes of pieces; total weight; the characteristic features of the exhibition area and the scheme in your mind. Pricing would be assigned after the desinging process. Serial production process starts after the budget approval with manufacturing sample.
Our director and chairman of the board of directors Mr. Kemal Eren has started the sectorel activity in 1980s and succeded to progress increasingly till today. At first Mr Eren has started to his sectorel life in Tahtakale-Mercan and then he continued with a shop in Bayrampasa. After that he had started to manifacture by adding 4 stores. Mr. Eren owned 5 storey factory on 3500m² field in case of manifacturing more quality products. The factory goes on to produce steel and wooden products with 2 added factory. Since this production with 3 factories is not enough to manifacture a building plot that is 20000 m² has been purchased for a new factory in Dilovasi -Kocaeli. The new factory has been laid to foundation at 5th june 2010. Eren Steel and Wooden Company continues to produce without compromising from honesty and its commitment to customer satisfaction.
In 2015, Denka Metal has started its operations in its new facilities with an area of total 10,000 sqm (5,000 of which is indoors) in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone as one of the last manifestation of industrial and investor tradition in Kayseri since 1936. Denka Metal has made its name in a short period of time with innovative and authentic products under its own brand in the industry. Denka metal offers the optimum solutions to its customers with its state-of-the-art machinery park and team of professionals. We produce all kinds of sheet metal and pipes, do profile cutting, bending, welding, painting, steel construction, construction projects, machinery projects and metal parts.... To put simply, we provide both projects and production services in every subject related to metal business. Converting metal business into an art, Denka metal constantly invests in innovation, technology and tomorrow. For better tomorrows. Denka Metal
In our factory, which we have established in the 1990s, by developing our shelf sector activities and simultaneously realizing the deficiencies and mistakes in the sector; We are proud to present our best product with minimum cost to our customers by supporting our sub-structure with developing and renewed technology with our customer satisfaction oriented works that we have structured by adopting the principle of total quality management philosophy. With our knowledge, experience and experience in our factory with 5000 m2 capacity, we produce grocery and store racks, deutering shelf systems, all kinds of special display booths and wholesale and retail sales with alternative cost and usage angle product production in our product range.
Our company is Turkish firm which is established in 2011. It’s been active across Turkey with aim of being an innovator and leader firm with the honest and credible trade policy and high technology and professional staff it is still going on its business actives.