Our director and chairman of the board of directors Mr. Kemal Eren has started the sectorel activity in 1980s and succeded to progress increasingly till today. At first Mr Eren has started to his sectorel life in Tahtakale-Mercan and then he continued with a shop in Bayrampaşa. After that he had started to manifacture by adding 4 stores. Mr. Eren owned 5 storey factory on 3500m² field in case of manifacturing more quality products. The factory goes on to produce steel and wooden products with 2 added factory. Since this production with 3 factories is not enough to manifacture a building plot that is 20000 m² has been purchased for a new factory in Dilovası -Kocaeli. The new factory has been laid to foundation at 5th june 2010. Eren Steel and Wooden Company continues to produce without compromising from honesty and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

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